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The city welcomes your feedback. An online service request can be made by visiting the Service Request page. Please fill out a Comments on the City Website online form for website comments.

City Hall is located at 1400 Highland Avenue in Manhattan Beach, CA 90266. Extended service hours for residents in the community, as well as vendors or business-owners are Monday through Thursday 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM, alternate open Fridays 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and can also be reach via phone (310) 802-5000. We are closed on all major holidays. Public parking is available adjacent to City Hall via 15th Street parking lot entrance.

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Street Banners

A permit is required to hang a banner over a public city street. 

Street Banner application

Banner locations and specifications

In accordance with Manhattan Beach Municipal Code 9.60.010 - It shall be unlawful for any person to hang or suspend any banner, flag, pennant, or decoration (hereinafter, collectively, "banner") over any street or other portion of the public right-of-way, or cause the same to be done, without first obtaining a permit from the City Manager or the City Manager's designee. Banner permits shall be issued only for the purpose of publicizing City-sponsored and co-sponsored events and City funded-events.

Following are the steps needed to complete your banner request:  Please submit your application one month prior to date of installation.




1. Set Tentative Date

Call Marcella Calloway at (310) 802-5414 to check availability of date and location.


2. Application

Submit the completed application  and submit to the Parks & Recreation Dept. (The application for Cal Trans for the Sepulveda location must be submitted one month prior to date of installation.)


3. Fees

· Downtown M.B. and  North M.B. locations - $273

· Sepulveda location - $328 for Cal Trans
  plus $296 banner hanging fee (separate checks)

Please contact Marcella Calloway at (310) 802-5414 to request the Cal Trans application.


4. Insurance

Submit Certificate of Insurance to the Parks & Recreation Department. Please make sure that you list the City of Manhattan Beach, Its Officers, Employees, Elected Officials, Volunteers and Members of Boards and Commission as additional insured and provide a copy of the Additional Insured Endorsement form from the policy. Please submit your Certificate of Insurance and Endorsement thirty (30) prior to your scheduled banner date.


5. Indemnification and

Hold Harmless

Submit to Parks & Recreation Department (signed by a representative of your organization).


6. Finalize Banner

Call Marcella Calloway at (310) 802-5414 to finalize banner hanging date.


7. Banner

Deliver banner to the Manhattan Beach Public Works Department, 3621 Bell Ave., one (1) week prior to scheduled banner hanging date. Call (310) 802-5311 to coordinate drop-off instructions.


8. Hanging

Banners are hung on Mondays for a period of one to two weeks. Construction of all banners must follow guidelines (see attached).


9. Banner Pickup

Banners will not be stored in Public Works Department after removal. Please call (310) 802-5311 to set date for banner pickup.



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