Animal Control


"To provide humane animal control services that effectively and
efficiently respond to the needs of the community"

Animal Control Officers are responsible for handling service calls concerning animal welfare and to enforce municipal code ordinances related to dogs-at-large, animal bites, dog licensing, tethering, barking dogs and leash laws.  They also facilitate veterinary care for injured animals, and provide for the safe return of loose and lost animals to their owners.  It is our policy to check all domesticated animals for identifying implanted chips so that the animal may be returned promptly to their owner.

Animal Control Officers regularly attend training classes which educate them on current animal control laws and regulations, techniques on how to pick-up loose animals, how to respond to aggressive animals, the proper way of controlling an animal, proper transportation methods for injured animals, the care and feeding of the animals, and how to maintain a clean and healthy kennel.

Animal Control Officers are also CSOs, which is an acronym for Community Services Officers.  When not busy on animal calls, they are available to assist Parking Officers with traffic control for traffic accidents, street closures, etc.


Tethered Animals have become a growing concern in the city of Manhattan Beach. Tethering animals to an object is against the law.

To ensure the safety and health of the animals and the public around them, pets must be supervised at all times

Other Tips for Pet Owners

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