Maintenance Division

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Street Maintenance Worker 1The Manhattan Beach Public Works Department makes every effort to respond in a timely fashion to repair and maintenance concerns within the City, but we always welcome your help! If you notice streets or sidewalks with dangerous cracks or holes, debris accumulation, graffiti or other vandalism, rights-of-way that are encroached by bushes, trees or other obstructions, or malfunctioning or broken traffic signals and signs, contact the Manhattan Beach Public Works Department to report the problem.
The department is also responsible for keeping all streets clean of trash and debris.  The City contracts with a private contractor for street sweeping services.  Sweeping consists of all public streets, paved public alleys and specified parking lots in the City of Manhattan Beach in accordance with the sweeping schedule.  The City posts signs to indicate the sweeping time intervals so that cars parked along the road can be moved when sweeping occurs.  All streets are to be swept on a once-a-week schedule.  On many of the main streets, business districts and other specified areas, there are signs posted to indicate the sweeping time interval as being more frequent than once a week.  Sweepers also respond to special needs for immediate sweeping, such as broken glass after an accident or debris.  Street Maintenance Worker 2
The department is commitment to the City's cleanliness by facilitating trash and recycling collection.  To uphold this commitment, the City contracts with Waste Management, a private hauler who services our residents and commercial businesses with trash, recycling and green waste collection.  If you have questions regarding collection dates, bin replacement, what to recycle or service changes, please contact Waste Management at (310) 830-7100 or the Public Works Department at (310) 802-5363.

When you contact us, please submit the location, type of maintenance problem, your name and phone number so that the Department can reach you for additional information if required. Please leave the details in a message if the Department is unable to answer the phone when you call.

For more information, to report maintenance, repair, street sweeping or trash issues, click on the following link to complete a Service Request.  You may also call the Public Works Department, Monday through Friday between 08:00 AM and 04:30 PM, at (310) 802-5300.  We are located at 3621 Bell Avenue.