Electric Vehicle Charging in Manhattan Beach

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Come Shop, Dine, and Charge Your EV!

The City of Manhattan Beach has installed four Clipper Creek electric vehicle charging stations in the lower Civic Center parking garage. The stations can be found on the west side of the parking garage and are reserved for electric vehicle drivers for 2-hours at a time, while the vehicle is charging.

Due to increasing demand for electric vehicle charging, the four charging stations located in the lower Civic Center parking lot will be metered at $0.75 per hour and limited to two hours charging time in order to maximize the public’s opportunity to charge their electric vehicles. These meters will be enforced seven days per week, 24 hours per day.

The charging stations are the first public-use installations made available by the City (other charging stations are located at Walgreens and Manhattan Beach Toyota). The installation of these stations comes at no cost to the City, and was made possible through a grant from the California Energy Commission.

Thanks to funding from the Clean Transportation grant from AQMD's Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee (MSRC), the City has also installed two additional public EV charging stations in Parking Lot 4 at the corner of Rosecrans Avenue and Highland Avenue. Similar to the charging stations at City Hall, these stations are available for use for 2-hours while the vehicle is charging.

The City looks forward to working with the MSRC to install more EV charging stations in the community as a means of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, and support emerging electric vehicle technology.

To find out more about electric vehicles, please go to the City's EV-readiness webpage, and visit Plug-in America for details on the latest vehicles to hit the market and rebate information.

Please direct questions to the City's Public Works Department at (310) 802-5313.