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North Manhattan Beach Business Improvement District

Advisory Board Meeting


1.  Roll Call

2.  Public Comment - (3 Minute Time Limit)

3.  Approval of Minutes from the July 9, 2018 North MB BID Meeting
     Action:     Approve

4.  Wayfinding Signage/"Reach Manhattan Beach"
City Representative will be present to discuss removal and replacement of
     aluminum signs and provide information on the "Reach Manhattan Beach"

5.  Sculpture/Monument/Utility Boxes/Street Lighting
     Action:     Discuss

6.  Crosswalks at 34th, 35th and 36th Street/Highland Avenue Update
Action:     Discuss

7.  Events and Advertising for 2018
     Action:     Discuss/Vote/Approve

8.  Open Call for September 5, 2018 Agenda
     Action:  Discuss

9.  Adjournment