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Art Exhibition: TWO by Two- Stories Beneath the Surface

Amelia Amell and Jesús Chaidez

  • Date: 03/17/2019 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM  
  • Location: Manhattan Beach Art Center
    1560 Manhattan Beach Boulevard
    Manhattan Beach, California 90266
  • Introduction: As a whole, this exhibit examines the work of artists living on two worlds and the impact of global politics, personal histories and cultural symbolism and how it relates to living in the United States.
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TWO by Two- Stories Beneath the Surface
Amelia Amell and Jesús Chaidez
Painting, Drawings, and Prints

Exhibition Dates: February 22nd to April 14th

The Manhattan Beach Art Center (MBAC) presents TWO by Two- Stories Beneath the Surface; Amelia Amell and Jesús Chaidez, Painting, Drawings, and Prints.

Drug Tunnel, 2018 by Jesus ChaidezThe Manhattan Beach Art Center is proud to feature the works of Los Angeles artist Jesús Chaidez and introduce the work of Manhattan Beach artist Amelia Amell. Both artists have been informed by their rich cultural backgrounds, one from the island of Hispaniola and the other from Culiacán, Mexico. As a whole, the exhibit examines artists living in two worlds, and the impact of global politics, personal histories, and cultural symbolism. Curated by Singletree Arts, the exhibition highlights two important contemporary artists and their art making practice.

Jesús Chaidez was born in Culiacán, Mexico and immigrated to the United States when he was five years old. In this comprehensive survey, he investigates the juxtaposition of the pastoral and contemplative beauty of the landscape and a darker underlying narrative. His own near-death experience led him to research burial mound traditions found throughout the ancient world. Using the burial mound as an iconic image, Chaidez builds multiple layers of color to form intensely detailed hills covered in very carefully rendered grasses, which also take on a meditative quality. Running parallel to his extensive knowledge of art history and art practice is his expertise in the art of brewing tea. While living in San Francisco, he studied for six years under tea master Roy Fong. Chaidez will be hosting tea events throughout the exhibition.

Luna, 2017 by Amelia Amell

Amelia Amell was born on the Island of Hispaniola, and is currently a resident of Manhattan Beach. She has always been haunted by a sense of separation, a feeling of not belonging to a family, a society, or even a body. Eventually understanding that this feeling is common to the human experience, she is searching for security in a constantly changing world, forever longing for belonging. Her art emerges from this universal desire to make things whole again, especially to bridge the mundane and the divine.

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Special Exhibition Events at MBAC:

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Gallery Information:
Manhattan Beach Art Center (MBAC)
1560 Manhattan Beach Boulevard
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Wednesday through Saturday 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Sunday 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Monday, Tuesday, Holidays, Installation/De-installation Closed

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