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Annual Slurry Seal Project 2019

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  • Introduction: Our Annual Slurry Seal Project is in progress from April 24, 2019 - May 31, 2019. This construction work occurs on weekdays only, between the hours of 7:30 AM and 5:00 PM.
    The Project Schedule and Street Map show the exact street locations and the scheduled date for the slurry work.

Our Annual Slurry Seal Project is in progress from April 24, 2019 - May 31, 2019

Please review the Project Schedule and Location Map to see if your street is included this year:  Project Schedule by Street

Slurry Seal Map Spring 2019 

American Asphalt South, Inc. will be applying “Slurry Seal” and “Asphalt Rubber Aggregate Membrane (ARAM)” treatments to the streets in your neighborhood.  These treatments will improvement the road conditions by increasing skid resistance, prolonging the pavement life by protecting it from ultraviolet rays, and sealing any cracks.  This is a preventative measure to reduce future street maintenance and reduces the opportunity for potholes to form. 

After the slurry application, there may be some shedding of tiny rocks for 4-6 weeks.  This is a normal for slurry seal applications, and most of the rock material will be collected during street sweeping operations.


During the project, please feel free to contact the City Engineer Project Manager, Adilia Miller at (310) 802-5362 or via e-mail at:




What time does the work start and end?

Work will occur daily between 7:30 AM and 5:00 PM throughout the duration of the construction project. However, the slurry seal application should last no more than one day directly in front of your house.

Can I drive, ride a bike, or walk on top of the slurry the dayit has been applied?

No. Slurry seal applications take time to cure (approximately 5 hours). Anyimpacts that happen before the street has had time to cure will leave a permanent mark on the street, as well as on your tires and shoes.

Please do not drive, ride a bike, or walk on the slurry sealed street until the contractor has removed all barricades and traffic cones, which will indicate the street is open to vehicles and pedestrians. Access to freshly slurried streets is usually granted by 7:00 PM on the same day.

On the day of slurry, please move your vehicle from the street by 7:30 AM.

Observe the date(s) on the No Parking/Tow Away signs carefully. Vehicles parked on posted streets will be towed in order to allow the work to commence as scheduled.

Safety first - Please keep children away during the slurry seal on your street! The slurry material used isa brown color and can be very inviting to children. As it cures, it turns to a dark black and can only be removed from their hands and clothing with cleaning solvent available at a local automotive store.


Can I access my front driveway while the work is underway?

No. Access to and from your driveway will be prohibited during and fora few hoursafter the slurry seal is applied. If you need to use your vehicle on the day slurry seal will be applied to your street, we suggest that you parkon another street outside the work areaprior to7:30 AM.


Can I discharge water into the street that day?

No, please do not water the lawn on the day of the slurry seal as running water will ruin the slurry.

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