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Roundhouse Aquarium Improvements

Post Date:01/17/2018 9:00 AM

The Harrison Greenberg Foundation Roundhouse Aquarium Beautification Project

MB Pier and Roundhouse

The Harrison Greenberg Foundation Roundhouse Aquarium Beautification Project Information

Project News

Pier and Roundhouse Aquarium Project Groundbreaking Ceremony
The official groundbreaking ceremony for the Manhattan Beach Pier and Roundhouse Aquarium Improvements Project took place on Monday, December 4, 2017 at 1:30 PM at the base of the Manhattan Beach Pier. Construction is expected to begin in early 2018.

Temporary Roundhouse Aquarium Trailer Installation (PDF)
This month, a temporary aquarium will be established at the base of the Manhattan Beach Pier, adjacent to the south parking lot, which will be open to the public during construction. The Oceanographic Teaching Teaching Station will continue to operate the Roundhouse Aquarium out of the temporary space.

Project Goals

In loving memory of his son Harrison, SKECHERS President and Manhattan Beach Resident, Michael Greenberg, has committed $1.26 Million to the restoration and redesign of The Roundhouse Aquarium. The Harrison Greenberg Foundation Roundhouse Aquarium Beautification Project is expected to cost almost $4 million. If you would like to make a monetary contribution to this project, please contact Robin Curren  ( or phone: 310-318-3100 ext. 1337. Click the video below to learn why the Harrison Greenberg Foundation started and how it's positively impacting the community of Manhattan Beach.

Foundation Video

Project Scope

The Roundhouse was originally built as a pavilion on the pier in 1922 and was converted to an aquarium dedicated to teaching and research in marine science in 1979. Since being converted to an aquarium, the Roundhouse has fostered and promoted the public study of and interest in the oceans, tidelands and beaches of Southern California, the marine life therein, and the impact of human populations on that environment. In 2015 alone, 13,863 K-12 students and almost 300,000 members of the public visited the Roundhouse.

The Harrison Greenberg Foundation Roundhouse Aquarium Beautification Project seeks to enhance the experience students and the public have enjoyed for four decades by including the following:

  • Complete interior remodel / reconfigure aquarium, concession space and men’s and women’s restrooms
  • Enhance architecture, exhibit designs and interactive elements
  • Provide smaller, temporary aquarium at base of pier during construction
  • Provide temporary housing at other nearby aquaria for remaining aquarium animals

The Pier and Roundhouse Exterior Improvements

The City will simultaneously be implementing improvements to the exterior of the Roundhouse and the Pier itself.

All exterior improvements are intended to be consistent with the existing architectural character and design of the building and would serve to replace in like-kind only those building elements that are in need of repair due to deteriorating conditions. The exterior of the Roundhouse will not be changed.

The proposed exterior Roundhouse improvements would be limited to the replacement of exterior shutters, doors and hardware; replacement of the existing cupola with a new weather vane and copper cap; replacement of damaged barrel mission clay tiles on the Roundhouse roof; repair stucco and repainting of the building exterior with anti-graffiti paint; installation of eyebolts at all building corners and, installation of gutters and downspouts. Additionally, the existing entrance will be relocated to face east, which is looking towards the shoreline. The Pier improvements will entail the replacement of a domestic water, fire service and sewer force main pipeline along the Pier; repairs to the sewer wet well and replacement of existing submersible pumps with macerating pumps, fish cleaning sinks will installed, existing electrical and communications wires will be replaced along with any damaged handholds on the Pier deck. The City will also be replacing the Life Ring and Cabinet at the end of the Pier.

Project Timeline

  • Preliminary Design and Entitlements: March – July 2017
  • Preparation of Construction Documents for Bidding: July – Sept., 2017
  • Bidding Phase: Sept. - Oct. 2017
  • Establish Temporary Facilities & Aquarium Move-out: Nov. – Dec. 2017
  • Construction Phase: Jan. - May 2018
  • Project Complete: June 2018

Project Design

These are images of the final design for the Roundhouse Aquarium. They will be presented by Peter Sollogub from Cambridge Seven Associates to the City Council at their meeting on August 1, 2017. To get a first-hand look at the final design, check out the Harrison Greenberg Foundation Roundhouse Aquarium Beautification Project fly-through video presentation.

To view the conceptual design for the Roundhouse Aquarium, please see the presentation, also by Peter Sollogub, at the May 16, 2017 City Council meeting.


Roundhouse Aquarium Final
Roundhouse Aquarium Final2

Roundhouse Aquarium Final3

Roundhouse Aquarium Final Walkthru Roundhouse Aquarium Final Walkthru2

Roundhouse Aquarium Final Walkthru3 Roundhouse Aquarium Final Walkthru4


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Project Management Services

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