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LAX Aircraft Noise Advisory

Post Date:04/05/2018 8:34 AM

In January 2018, LAX temporarily closed their south inboard runway 25R/7L through May 11, 2018 for runway reconstruction.

During the closure of the south inboard runway, more aircraft are expected to use the south outboard runway (25L/7R) for both departure and arrival operations, while some operations are expected to shift from the south to north runway complex. LAX plans to conduct Over-Ocean Operations between 12 AM and 6:30 AM during this closure, as weather and operational conditions permit.

Persons living near LAX may notice a change in aircraft flight activity and noise during this temporary runway closure.

LAX overnight deviation

From April 3rd to April 5th, the FAA will temporarily deviate from Over-Ocean Operations (12 AM – 6:30 AM) due to the closure of both runways on the south complex. 

Whenever possible, the FAA transitions LAX air traffic flow to Over-Ocean Operations from 12 AM to 6:30 AM, wherein aircraft arrive and depart over the ocean to minimize noise disturbance mainly for communities directly east of the airport. During this traffic flow, the south runway complex is utilized primarily for departures while the north runway complex is utilized primarily for arrivals.

With both runways closed on the south complex, the FAA will need to deviate temporarily from Over-Ocean Operations, maintain air traffic in Westerly Operations, and direct all aircraft operations to the north runway complex during these three nights. As a result, persons living near the airport or under arrival flight paths may notice a change in aircraft flight activity and associated noise.

If you have noticed abnormal aircraft activity and noise, it may be due to the above changes. To report noise complaints, call LAX’s hotline at 424-64-NOISE (424-646-6473) or visit the LAX Hotline website. For information on the expansion efforts by LAX, call the LAX Master Plan information line at (310) 646-7690, or visit the LAX Master Plan page.

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