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Code Enforcement and Residential Construction Officer

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City Hall Hours are Mondays through Thursdays 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM and Fridays 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Before you plan a trip to City Hall, check out our Permitting Center Schedule to know when staff and services are available.

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What’s the Difference Between a Code Enforcement Officer and a Residential Construction Officer?

Code Enforcement Officers conduct regular patrols of the City to ensure compliance with the Manhattan Beach Municipal Code. Officers respond to complaints regarding violations including: zoning, property maintenance, illegal dwelling units, trash container regulations, sign violations, and many others.

The Residential Construction Officer (RCO) assists with the relationship between residents and neighboring major construction sites. The RCO acts as a proactive liaison between neighbors, builders and appropriate City departments and agencies to resolve construction impact issues.



What can I do if I believe a code violation has taken place?

To report a possible code violation, you may email Code Enforcement the complaint or concern, or call the Code Enforcement’s main number (310) 802-5518. This number has a voicemail available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Regular business hours are Mondays through Thursdays 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM and Fridays 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM.
Please have the following information available:

  1. Address or Location – Be specific and include building number; “Avenue”, “Place”, “Street”; directional guide, such as east, west, north, or south; and any identifiable landmarks.

  2. Type of Violation – Provide as much relevant detailed information as possible including: description of activity or issue, date and time observed, duration of activity.

  3. Contact Information – Your name, address, phone number and e-mail in the event clarification or additional information is needed.

Please note: Once a violation is reported, an active investigation begins. Every effort is made to ensure the confidentiality of both the reporting party and the subject party. As such, the Code Enforcement division does not provide updates on the active case. For more information, please call the Code Enforcement division at (310) 802-5518.

What happens after I submit a Code Enforcement complaint?

Code Enforcement Process Map

1 A notice of violation is any notice from the City, including but not limited to, verbal warning, notice of violation letter, stop work order, or administrative/criminal citation, used to officially notify a responsible party of a violation and provide a means to correct the violation.

2Section 1.06.030 of the Manhattan Beach Municipal Code states that continuing violations of building, plumbing, electrical or other similar structural or zoning issues that do not create an immediate danger to health or safety shall be provided a reasonable period of time to correct or otherwise remedy the violation.

Priority and response times 2

The City of Manhattan Beach does not have jurisdiction over private property civil matters.

Some common types of civil disputes:

  • Neighbors - Property lines, yard maintenance, pets, parking, noise, possible damage to private property as a result of a neighbor's adjoining tree or painting/re-stucco or sandblasting
  • Landlord and Tenants - Security deposits, repairs, evictions, privacy
  • Business and Consumer - Refunds, repairs, warranties, deposits
  • Domestic - Roommates, domestic partners, family members, friends
  • Homeowner Associations - Repairs, CCR's, board/owner issues
  • Workplace - Employee/employer, employee/employee, dismissal, wages
  • Multi-Party and Multi-Issues - Complex and/or regional issues that involve many people/public agencies 


The City of Manhattan Beach is working with Host Compliance, a leading provider of short term rental compliance monitoring and enforcement solutions for local governments. To report a suspected short term rental location, call the short term rental telephone hotline (310) 494-2658 or submit your request at Host Compliance Tips available 24/7 for reporting non-emergency problems related to short term rental properties.


What are the current construction activity rules and regulations?

Construction rules and regulations are enforced by the Residential Construction Officer and are listed in the City’s Municipal Code section 9.44.020. Here are the general requirements for construction activities:

  1. All construction sites shall be posted with "Construction Rules" consistent with the provisions of this chapter, which may be subsequently amended or supplemented by the City.
  2. No construction activity shall impede or block access to private property or driveways except as authorized herein.
  3. No construction activity shall impede or block the normal and reasonable movement of traffic except as authorized by a right-of-way permit.
  4. Construction vehicles are subject to all posted parking restrictions and other applicable State and municipal codes.
  5. Street and public parking spaces shall not be reserved for construction vehicles or workers at any time.
  6. No audio devices shall be audible beyond the construction site property line.
  7. There shall be no dumping or washing of debris, litter, or toxins into storm drains, streets or other public or private places. Sandbags may be required on the perimeter of a site to prevent water runoff. Contractors shall comply with the storm water and urban pollution control requirements set forth in Chapter 5.84.
  8. Existing sidewalks shall not be obstructed at any time, except as authorized by section 9.44.050. Public areas and rights-of-way shall be kept clear of debris, in the same manner as the clean-up of excavation work in accordance with section 7.16.
  9. Prior to commencing demolition or construction, the contractor shall erect a green mesh construction fence at the perimeter of the construction site.
  10. Contractors shall prevent dust migration to surrounding properties in accordance with all South Coast Air Quality Management District and City requirements.
  11. Containers for waste and recyclables are required at every site of construction activity. Food waste shall be removed on a weekly basis.
  12. The contractor shall maintain all portable toilets in a sanitary condition. Such toilets shall be serviced on a regular basis. The City will not issue a Certificate of Occupancy until all portable toilets have been removed from the site.
  13. Temporary power poles, if applicable, must be installed at the site of construction activity before any demolition or construction begins.
  14. All CAL/OSHA requirements and guidelines shall be followed on the construction site.
  15. Shoring construction and excavation is to be performed according to City shoring guidelines, and performed in such a manner so as to not damage adjoining property. At its expense, the contractor shall at all times preserve and protect from damage any adjoining property by providing proper foundations and taking all other necessary measures.
  16. Contractors shall comply with the construction and demolition debris waste reduction and recycling requirements set forth in Chapter 5.26.
  17. Contractors shall comply with the construction site temporary encroachment requirements set forth in Chapter 7.40.
  18. No smoking, including electronic devices, is permitted on any construction site or in any public area at any time.
  19. An on-site meeting between each subcontractor and the Director's designee is required prior to the subcontractor starting work.
  20. In the event of a claim from a neighboring property owner that construction has physically damaged the neighboring property, and the owner of the property where the construction occurred or owner's agent (collectively "owner") has refused to repair the damage, upon request of the neighbor or the City, the owner has a mandatory duty to enter a mediation program either administered by the City, or implemented by a third-party mediator subject to the City's approval, to resolve the claim.
  21. The Director may waive any requirements set forth in this section that are inapplicable due to the magnitude of the construction.
  22. All permits issued by the City pertaining to any on-site construction activities and any authorized right-of-way activity are required to be retained on-site for the duration of the project.

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Who do I contact if I believe my living conditions are substandard?

The County of Los Angeles Environmental Health Division handles complaint investigations regarding substandard housing. You may click on the link below or call (800) 700-9995 for additional information.

The following is a list of violations that are handled by the Environmental Division of the Health Services Department for Substandard Housing:

  • Vermin, insect, or rodent infestation
  • Mold and Lead Hazards
  • Damaged interior walls, floors, ceilings, or roof
  • Unsanitary sewage discharge
  • Unreasonable accumulation of rubbish, debris, trash, or animal feces on premises
  • Lack of hot/cold running water, toilet, bathtub, or shower
  • Lack of exterior wall or roof covering to adequately protect inhabitants
  • Clogged, leaking, or inoperable plumbing fixtures
  • Lack of maintenance, such as heating, lighting, electrical, ventilation, swimming pools
    Unreasonable accumulation of rubbish, debris, trash, or animal feces on premises

If there are structural issues where there may be an imminent hazard, email or call the Code Enforcement Division at (310) 802-5518. 

Additional housing and health resources can be found at the following links: