Substandard Housing

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Los Angeles County Health Services Department

Environmental Division: (310) 419-5358

The following is a list of violations that are handled by the Environmental Division of the Health Services Department for Substandard Housing:

  • Vermin, insect, or rodent infestation
  • Mold
  • Damaged interior walls, partitions, floors or ceilings
  • Unsanitary sewage disposal
    Unreasonable collection of rubbish, debris or trash on premises
  • Lack of toilet, bathtub or shower, or running water
  • Lack of exterior wall or roof covering to adequately protect inhabitants
  • Dog feces on private property.

If there are structural issues where there may be an imminent hazard, Building and Safety Division of the City’s Community Development will review.  The phone number is (310) 802-5505.

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