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Short-Term Rentals

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On April 16, 2019, City Council adopted Ordinance No. 19-0007, amending the Manhattan Beach Municipal Code to strengthen the ban of short-term rentals (STR), without exception. The City Council also adopted Resolution No. 19-0011 amending the administrative remedies for violations of the Ordinance.

Ordinance No. 19-0007 accomplishes the following:

  •   Leaves intact the prohibition of renting property in residential zones for less than 30 days;
  •   Extends the prohibition to renters and lessees; and
  •   Prohibits the maintenance of advertisements of short-term rentals.

In addition, the ordinance imposes hosting platform responsibilities, and authorizes the City to issue administrative subpoenas to obtain information about listings in Manhattan Beach.

For short-term rental enforcement related inquiries, please contact Code Enforcement at (310) 802-5518.

Background Information:

Transient uses, including short-term rentals (less than 30 days), in residential zones are not allowed under the City Zoning Code and are incompatible with the goals and objectives of the City’s General Plan. The General Plan aims to preserve and maintain residential neighborhoods and to protect residential neighborhoods from the intrusion of incompatible and character-changing uses. Short-term rentals and other transient uses in residential zones can have a severe negative impact on the character and stability of the residential zones and its residents.

The Planning Commission and City Council considered allowing transient uses on a limited basis. Numerous residents emailed the City and testified at the public hearing about the negative impacts on residential neighborhoods, such as increased traffic congestion, overuse of public parking, noise, and crime. Based upon such public input, the City Council maintained the status quo of prohibiting transient uses on June 16, 2015, per Ordinance No. 15-0009 and Ordinance No. 15-0010. Property owners that were registered as of April 30, 2015 with the City for tax purposes, were permitted to continue operating renting their property on a short-term basis until December 31, 2015. 

On March 6, 2018, the City Council discussed short-term rentals and requested that staff perform additional research and provide more comprehensive information related to insurance requirements, parking, enforcement, revenue (TOT), licensing, inspection, numeric caps, platform agreements, and short-term rental policies and/or programs from other cities.

On July 19, 2018, the City Council held a study session to discuss goals, concerns and various policy options for a short-term rental policy for the City. Staff returned to City Council with a proposal for a pilot program with varying options on November 6, 2018. At that meeting, the City Council directed staff to return with additional information including program options to allow short-term rentals in certain commercial zones and residential zones citywide, which was presented on January 15, 2019, March 6, 2019, March 19, 2019, April 2, 2019, and April 16, 2019.