To protect the health and safety of the public during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, City Hall and other facilities are closed to the public until further notice. The City continues to provide services during this time and recommends using technological alternatives where possible. For more information related to City services during this emergency, please visit the Coronavirus (COVID-19) page or call the City at (310) 802-5000.

Clean Power Alliance

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CPA COVID-19 Relief Program

Clean Power Alliance is here to help our customers during COVID-19. We understand choosing between rent, bills, and groceries or payroll is a situation no family or small business should have to face, especially during a crisis. We believe our customers deserve reliable and affordable electricity with manageable payments. That's why Clean Power Alliance created a $1 million COVID-19 Relief Program that provides bill assistance to impacted residential and small business customers who sign up for financial assistance through Southern California Edison (SCE). Applicable to customers who enroll in CARE, FERA, or Medical Baseline and who call SCE at (800) 655-4555 to get on a payment plan. Please visit the Clean Power Alliance website to find out if you are eligible for $25 to $50 electricity bill credits, available on a first-come, first-served basis until the funds are exhausted.

Customers not eligible for Clean Power Alliance’s COVID-19 Relief Program, please visit the Southern California Edison website for other resources. Together, we’re committed to supporting our communities most in need and doing our part during this difficult time.

CPA Customer Protections in Response to COVID-19

Clean Power Alliance (CPA) has implemented new protections in coordination with Southern California Edison (SCE) to assist customers experiencing economic hardship due to COVID-19. Impacted customers will not be disconnected for non-payment of electricity bills, new flexible payment plans are available, and bill payment assistance is available for low-income customers. All suspension of disconnections and payment arrangements are coordinated through SCE.

To take advantage of these protections, impacted customers should call SCE at 800-655-4555. Learn more on the Southern California Edison website.

  • For customers economically impacted by Covid-19 fallout, a variety of flexible payment plans are available. Via SCE’s call center, customers can self-identify as being impacted and be put on a payment plan that covers both the CPA side and the SCE side of the bill. Customers do not have to signup separately with CPA and these payment plans are not limited to low-income customers but to anyone who needs it.
  • Low income customers – i.e. those who are on CARE rates – are eligible for up to $100 of grant assistance to pay their bills. SCE administers this program and CPA’s CARE customers are eligible. Customers should call SCE to request this assistance.
  • Also suspended are eligibility checks to sign up for CARE. So if a customer is newly eligible or is just learning about the program, signing up for CARE has been further streamlined and those customers are eligible for a 30% bill discount going forward. This application may be completed online.
  • Disconnections for non-payment of bills have been suspended and late-payment fees have been waived. This is automatic, applies to both CPA and SCE charges, and customers do not have to do have to do anything to receive this protection. This protection does not mean that charges are waived, only the penalties are suspended, so we highly encourage customers who are having trouble paying their bills to take advantage of the payment plans and financial assistance being offered.

How to Move up to 100% Renewable

Currently, the default tier for Manhattan Beach residents and businesses is set to 50% renewable energy under the Clean Power tier from CPA.  If your household or your business is looking to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions, changing your tier to the 100% Green Power tier under CPA might be the choice for you!

Power Levels CPA

Lean Power

Clean Power

100% Green Power

Provides 36% renewable content at the lowest possible cost—with the added benefit of local management and control.

Learn more about Lean Power.

Provides 50% renewable content and the opportunity to support building a cleaner future, all at cost competitive rates.

Learn more about Clean Power.

Provides 100% renewable content and gives you the opportunity to be an environmental champion—leading the way to a greener future.

Learn more about 100% Green Power.


Manhattan Beach's City Council has chosen to select the "Clean Power" tier as the default option for our community, which provides 50% renewable content and the opportunity to support building a cleaner future. This option will be the default selection for both our residents and businesses.

The best part of our City's participation in Clean Power Alliance is: the choice is yours! If Clean Power is not the right fit for you, your family, or your business, you can change your service by selecting one of Clean Power Alliance’s other two rate options: Lean Power, which provides 36% renewable content at the lowest possible cost, and 100% Green Power, which provides 100% renewable content and gives customers the opportunity to be an environmental champion. You may also choose to opt-out of the service. For more information visit Clean Power Alliance or contact Clean Power Alliance's Customer Service by email or at (888) 585-3788.

No matter what offering you choose, our community will soon enjoy the shared benefits of Clean Power Alliance including:


  • Local Management and Control
  • Stable, Competitive Rates
  • Higher Renewable Content

Manhattan Beach Moves toward 100% Clean, Renewable EnergygreenCPA

Manhattan Beach City Council voted to have all City facilities powered with 100% clean, renewable energy through the City’s community choice energy program, Clean Power Alliance. Public entities like Manhattan Beach who are part of the Clean Power Alliance (CPA) have the option to purchase up to 100% renewable, clean electricity - procured from non-polluting, clean and renewable sources such as solar, wind, and hydroelectric power. CPA does not use coal or nuclear power. Unlike fossil fuels, such as oil, natural gas, and coal, which cannot be replaced and produce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, renewable energy regenerates naturally in a short period of time.

Selecting the 100% Green Power energy enables Manhattan Beach to join other regional jurisdictions in meeting the California’s SB 100 mandate early, to power 100% of the state's electricity consumption with zero-carbon, clean renewable energy electricity by 2045. According to the City’s most recent GHG Emissions Inventory report from April 2019, about 44% of the City’s emissions come from electricity used in City buildings, facilities, and streetlights (1,795 metric tons of CO2 emitted annually). Therefore, moving to 100% Green Power will reduce the City’s emissions by nearly 44%.

Joining Clean Power Alliance in December 2017, and now deciding to move to 100% renewable energy is the most impactful environmental climate action Manhattan Beach has taken to date, and will cut the City’s GHG Emissions by nearly half. This is important for our own responsibility as a City, but will also count towards our State required reductions now and in the future.

Are you wondering what your new power rate will be under the Clean Power Alliance

Calculator Image



Now you can use the helpful tool on the left to calculate and compare your bills. The 50% renewable "Clean Power" tier will be the same cost as Southern California Edison's 2019 base rate (0% savings) and costs on average 7% less than SCE's 50% Green Rate.

Setting a New Year's resolution to reduce your carbon footprint in 2019? Opt up to the "100% Green Power" tier to receive 100% of your power from renewable sources and be an environmental champion! Calculate your rate using the tool on the left to compare the difference in your bill. It might be more affordable than you think!




What is Clean Power Alliance?

Clean Power Alliance is a nonprofit entity, formed through a Joint Powers Authority (JPA) made up of 31 public agencies across Los Angeles and Ventura counties—including Manhattan Beach, working together to bring clean, renewable power choices to our communities.

In December 2017, the City of Manhattan Beach voted to join Clean Power Alliance to bring the power of choice to our community. Mayor Nancy Hersman represents Manhattan Beach on the Clean Power Alliance Board of Directors, with Mayor Pro Tem Richard Montgomery and Environmental Sustainability Manager Dana Murray as alternate Board directors for Manhattan Beach.

How does it work?







Clean Power Alliance will purchase clean power and Southern California Edison (SCE) will deliver it.

Nothing else changes—SCE will continue to deliver power to your home or business, send one bill, and be responsible for resolving any issues with your electricity service.






What changes and what stays the same?


What comes next?

As Clean Power Alliance begins to offer service, customers will receive a total of four notices via mail before and after the switch from SCE to Clean Power Alliance. The first notice is scheduled to be distributed in December 2018. You don’t have to do anything when you receive these notices; you will automatically begin receiving the benefits of Clean Power Alliance service in 2019. However, the notices will give you information about your new energy choices, including how to make changes to your account and customer support contact information.

Once you receive your first notice, you can also choose not to take advantage of all the benefits Clean Power Alliance has to offer and elect to opt out without penalty, and your electricity generating charges will remain with SCE—but we hope you will join us in enjoying the advantages of clean, renewable power at competitive rates!

To learn more, including frequently asked questions and rate comparisons, visit the Clean Power Alliance website. 

UPDATE 7-19-19:

Over the past few months, SCE had several systems issues that caused delayed bills or incomplete bills for about 10% of Clean Power Alliance (CPA)’s customers. SCE has advised CPA that it fixed the issues that caused the current delays. CPA is now collaborating with SCE to ensure past bill charges are sent out so you may see higher than average bills if you didn’t receive one of your past bills or received an incomplete bill. These are not duplicate bills or extra charges. Should you need a payment plan to manage these higher bills, you can call SCE to set that up at: 800-655-4555.

UPDATE 2-14-18:

In December 2017, the City of Manhattan Beach joined the Clean Power Alliance of Southern California (CPA), formerly known as the Los Angeles Community Choice Energy Program (LACCE), which includes 25 member cities and two counties. By virtue of City membership in the Alliance, the City of Manhattan Beach’s residents and businesses are automatically enrolled in the Clean Power Alliance; however, residents can opt out of the program and return to receiving power generated from Southern California Edison’s (SCE) investor-owned utility, rather than community choice energy, at any time. Residents and businesses in the City will be legally noticed in late 2018 as to when our energy will be procured by the Clean Power Alliance. Please see Clean Power Alliance's Frequently Asked Questions.

Within the Clean Power Alliance structure, each individual city and county member has the authority to set the default renewable energy tier that will be offered to residents and businesses within their jurisdiction. The method by which each member makes this determination is entirely within their own agency’s purview as there are no legal requirements governing this selection. At the Clean Power Alliance’s February 1, 2018 Board meeting, Clean Power Alliance staff asked members (including Manhattan Beach) to make their final selection by March 1, 2018. In February 2018, the Manhattan Beach City Council voted 5-0 to default the City and power customers in the City at the 50% renewable energy rate to achieve competitive rates at a higher renewable percentage.

UPDATE 12-19-17: 

The City of Manhattan Beach has joined the Los Angeles Community Choice Energy Program (LACCE), which includes 25 member cities and two counties. For more information: LACCE Overview

Joining LACCE will shift more of the City's utility source generation to clean renewable energy, thereby reducing its overall greenhouse gas emissions and better position the City to achieve renewable energy goals. It will allow Manhattan Beach to join other regional jurisdictions in helping the State achieve its goals to power 50 percent of the state's electricity consumption using renewable energy by 2030 and help lessen the public health impacts of air pollution.

The date that the Clean Power Alliance begins actually purchasing power will depend on the California Public Utilities Commission's (CPUC) acceptance of the LACCE Implementation Plan and the time needed for Southern California Edison to transfer its customer accounts to LACCE. LA County anticipates that a phased rollout will occur in the first half of 2018, with priority given to municipal members and followed by large commercial and industrial facilities, and finally to all other LACCE customers (such as Manhattan Beach residents). The City of Manhattan Beach’s residents and businesses are automatically enrolled in LACCE; however, residents can opt out of the program and return to receiving power generated from SCE’s portfolio at any time. Residents and businesses in the City will be legally noticed in the first half of 2018 as to when our energy will be procured by LACCE.

Manhattan Beach’s Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem, and Environmental Manager attend LACCE negotiation meetings and contribute their perspectives on the Board of Directors.


What is Community Choice Energy?

Community Choice Energy, also known as Community Choice Aggregation (CCE or CCA), is an association of local governments who decide to procure electrcity themselves instead of buying power from the local utlity. Forming a CCA allows a city to advance sustainability goals by buying more renewable power than the utlity standard, saves residents on their monthly bill with lower rates, and creates local jobs. Successful CCA's such as Marin Clean Energy and Sonoma Clean Power provide 50% renewable energy at a rate 4-5% lower than the utility. California Assembly Bill 117 passed in 2002, and established the ability for local governments to form a non-profit Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) organization (also known as Community Choice Energy) to purchase electricity from power producers for sale to their constituents. More than 90 cities and counties in California have already joined seven CCAs. A CCA:

  • Negotiates wholesale rates for electricity through contracts with power producers.
  • Takes control of decision making regarding sources of electrical power to achieve sustainability goals, such as the reduction of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.
  • Provides customers with an alternative to Southern California Edison (SCE) when selecting their electricity provider.
  • Sets customer rates that may be lower than SCE.
  • Develops energy programs to achieve their objectives.

Participation in LACCE supports the City’s Strategic Goal to “Enhance, Preserve, and Protect the Environment and Health of Our Beach Community.” The City has a goal to reduce its GHG emissions, and a long history of supporting efforts that lead to climate protection. Community Choice is a tool local government can use to meet GHG emissions reduction goals. Further, joining LACCE gives our City an opportunity to offer its citizens a renewable alternative to meet their electricity needs.

Get Involved!

Members of the public are invited to attend a workshop on Wednesday, January 10 at 6:30 pm at the Duarte Community Center (1600 E. Huntington Dr.) to learn more about the LACCE program and provide input on the formation of a Community Advisory Committee to help inform the work of LACCE. The public may also attend via webinar or phone - find the information at the LACCE website.

City Action

On June 17, 2014 City Council voted to oppose AB 2145 because the legislation would make it difficult for local governments to pursue Community Choice energy programs as an alternative to traditional utility power generation. The City of Manhattan Beach sent an additional opposition letter in August 2014, stating its continued opposition to AB 2145 and its amendments. The proposed bill did not pass, and the original legislation enacting Community Choice programs remains in place.

In 2014, the City held a forum discussion for Earth Hour at which CCA was discussed in a presentation by Cordel Stillman - Deputy Chief Engineer of the Sonoma County Water Agency (SCWA).

On October 21, 2014, the City Council unanimously adopted a resolution to authorize staff to participate in the pre-development exploration and feasibility phase of Community Choice Aggregation in Manhattan Beach.

In September 2016, the LA County Board of Supervisors approved a motion to conduct  negotiations with interested cities to form a LACCE Joint Powers Agreement (JPA). The LACCE JPA will govern, operate, and be liable for the LACCE program. It will have its own staff and will report to a board of directors made up of representative members of the JPA. Cities have a 180-day window (June 27 through December 27, 2017) to join the JPA and secure their own enabling CCA ordinance. Those cities that do not meet the deadline may still join at a later date, but will not have the same membership privileges that cites who meet the deadline will have, and may pay an entry fee to join.

On October 3, 2017, City Council received a status update on CCA programs the City Council directed staff to bring back an enabling ordinance to implement a CCA, to approve the Joint Powers Agreement to join LACCE and to appoint a City Council Member and up to two alternates to serve on the LACCE Board on behalf of the City.

On December 5, 2017, City Council introduced an enabling ordinance to implement a CCA in Manhattan Beach and authorized the Mayor to execute a Joint Powers Agreement to join the Los Angeles Community Choice Energy Authority (LACCE). Later that evening, the Mayor, with the concurrence of the City Council, appointed Mayor Amy Howorth as board director and Mayor Pro Tem Steve Napolitano as the Primary Alternate. Environmental Manager Dana Murray is the second alternate.