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2008 Green Report

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In response to City Council's 2007/08 work plan item, the Green Team presented the Working Toward A Greater, Greener Manhattan Beach (PDF) report during the November 20, 2007 Council meeting. The Green Team led the research and preparation of this report and was comprised of team members across the City, including former Police Chief, Rod Uyeda; Public Works Director, Jim Arndt; Community Development Director, Richard Thompson; Finance Director, Bruce Moe and Assistant to the City Manager, Lindy Coe-Juell. This comprehensive 2008 report documented the City's environmentally friendly practices and identified other "best management" practices that the City considered adopting to enhance environmental programs. This report also identified opportunities for resident involvement. The Green Team presentation may be viewed via the webcast of the city's November 20th, 2007 Council meeting.
Emission inventory
Energy Use at City facilities
Vehicle Fleet and Fuel Usage
Traffic Controls and Streetlighting
Sustainable Development
Transportation and Parking
Water Usage and Conservation
Urban Forests and Beaches
Solid Waste and Recyclables
Storm Water Management
Procurement Policies
Community Involvement
Conclusion and Future Action
Appendix 1: Summary of Future Considerations
Appendix 2: Emissions Inventory Data
References and Acknowledge