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Battery Recycling Program

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Free Drop-off Locations

Did you know that it's illegal to place batteries in the trash?  Do you know what to do with household batteries once they are no longer usable? 

Household batteries are part of a group called “Universal Waste,” that are toxic and illegal to place in the trash or curbside recycling container. California banned all universal waste (i.e.: batteries, mercury-containing items) from the trash on February 9, 2006! They must be taken to a hazardous waste facility or collection event.

If not disposed of properly, there are many ways in which batteries can harm the environment:

  • If batteries are burned and the metals vaporize into the air, they can pollute lakes and streams.
  • Batteries contribute to heavy metals that may potentially leach from solid waste landfills.
  • Batteries contain strong corrosive acids and can expose the environment and water to lead and acid.

It’s easy for Manhattan Beach residents to recycle batteries! The City of Manhattan Beach collects household batteries and safely transports all collected batteries to Los Angeles County Hazardous Waste collection events.  You will find a tall cylinder battery drop-off container at the following locations:

  • City Hall Lobby at 1400 Highland AvenueResidential Battery Collection
  • Fire Department Lobby at 415 15th Street
  • Public Works Administration Lobby at 3621 Bell Avenue
  • Joslyn Center Lobby at 1601 N. Valley Drive

This program is open to residents.

If you have additional hazardous waste to dispose of you can drop it off at the S.A.F.E. Collection Center at the Hyperion Treatment Plant every Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM (7660 Imperial Highway, Gate B, Playa Del Rey) or call 1 (800) 98-TOXIC for additional locations.

For more information on hazardous wastes and their proper disposal, visit the City's Hazardous Waste webpage.