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Green Business Challenge

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Save $$ -- and Reduce Energy, Waste, and Water Use Too!

Are you a small (or large) business that is trying to save money, and the planet? The Green Business Challenge can help by providing you the resources to make simple changes to your business practices that will save on your electricity and water bills, and help reduce your carbon footprint.

The Green Business Challenge is a commercial program to recognize Manhattan Beach businesses that are actively trying to reduce their environmental impact. The Environmental Task Force wants to help businesses understand the economic and environmental benefits of conserving energy and water,
and reducing waste, and reward those businesses that take action.  

The goal of the challenge is to sign-up 30 businesses and assist them in monitoring current environmental practices and promote the simple changes that can be made to make each business more economically and environmentally sustainable. Businesses that invest strategically in energy efficiency measures can reduce utility costs and greenhouse gas emissions 30%, without sacrificing service, quality, style, or comfort. By tracking energy consumption and implementing efficiency measures small businesses could see an energy savings of up to $3,600 each year.

As an added incentive, Manhattan Beach businesses that participate in the Green Business Challenge will be presented with a certificate of recognition and a Green Seal of Approval from the Environmental Task Force to proudly display in their store fronts. The "Green G" will be awarded to the businesses that rank in the Green Business Challenge, and will show the community that each business is proudly taking steps to preserve the environment.

Here's How it Works:

  • To participate in the Green Business Challenge, each interested business will complete a scorecard which surveys their current sustainable business practices. Participating businesses will be ranked into two tiers (Certified or Best-in-Class) reflecting the total points scored for environmental actions taken to improve their business.
  • A “certified” business will have achieved 50% of the available points, while a “Best-in-Class” ranking means the business has achieved 70% of the available points and has undergone an onsite visit by the Environmental Task Force.
  • Every business that participates in the Green Business Challenge program and is ranked into one of the two tiers will receive a certificate and window decal from the City to acknowledge the businesses’ environmental efforts.