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Storm Water Management

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The Public Works Department manages the City of Manhattan Beach’s storm water management issues. 

Storm Water Management
Protecting our beaches and oceans is an important goal for the City of Manhattan Beach. Run-off water from storms and other sources runs directly to the ocean without benefit of any treatment. For this reason, operators of storm drain systems (like the City of Manhattan Beach) must comply with the conditions of what is known as the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit.

Current City Efforts to Prevent Storm Water Pollution:
Street Sweeping, Commercial Trash Enclosures, Catch Basins, Clarifiers, Separators, Flow Diversions; Restaurant Certification Programs, Strict Illicit Discharge Program, Permeable Concrete for Public Parking, “Mutt-Mitt” Stations.

To protect our natural resources the City considered:
  • Updated Conservation Ordinance
  • Tiered water rates to reduce potable water consumption
  • Increased use of reclaimed water
  • Review various storm drain diversion/treatment/collection options
  • New or enhanced revenue alternatives to address storm water issues
  • Requiring retention of storm water on redeveloped residential property

The 2008 Environmental Task Force made several water conservation recommendations to City Council. You can view the March 17, 2009 Council Meeting on our website, as well as read the Staff Report for more information.