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The City of Manhattan Beach has a centralized purchasing system administered by the General Services Division.  General Services is dedicated to the principles of competition and fairness.  This is accomplished through centralized purchasing which standardizes bidding and evaluation procedures, achieves economy of scale benefits, provides consistency in dealing with suppliers, and standardizes products used throughout the City.   Our goal is to ensure that the City receives the maximum value for every expenditure.  This division is primarily responsible for procurement and contracting, and also manages warehousing, surplus property and mailing services.  Purchasing guidelines are covered in the Municipal Code, Chapter 2.36.

Public Works contracts are handled by the Public Works Department's Engineering Division.  Public Works contracts involve the design and construction or repairs and improvements to the City's infrastructure.  The following are considered infrastructure: streets, water system, City buildings, sewer system, storm drain system, park facilities, and transportation/traffic systems.  The project must be valued at $5,000 or greater to qualify as a Public Works contract.  Engineering can be reached at (310) 802-5353.