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Fire Prevention

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To prevent fires and reduce fire loss by providing inspections, plan checks, permits, fire safety standby, public education, and other prevention services as needed.


2019-2020 Service Indicators   ___________


City businesses inspected...................................  


Hours of Public Education programs presented...... 


Annual State Mandated Inspections Completed.......


Working smoke detectors inspected on EMS calls...


Fire inspections by the Fire Prevention Division.........


2nd graders participating in Home Exit Plan...........


Inspectors with completed State Fire Marshal Taskbook...




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Community Risk Reduction Code Enforcement Public Education


  • Coordinate the annual business inspection program
  • Manage the fire/life safety efforts at the Manhattan Beach Studios
  • Ensure rapid turnaround of on-site plan checks
  • Provide fire inspections for residential and commercial construction projects
  • Manage the Department's Hazardous Materials program
  • Effectively investigate all fires for cause and origin
  • Creation and maintenance of a Target Hazard Program
  • Provide Public Education
  • Provide life/safety evaluation and input for the many Special Events held within the City of
    Manhattan Beach

The most effective way to protect people and property from the hazards of fires is to prevent fires from occurring.  Through its comprehensive inspection and education programs, the Prevention Division reduces the number of fires and fire losses in our community and provides a safer environment for citizens and guests of the city.  This division is also responsible for hazardous materials, arson/fire investigation, and public education.

The Prevention Division provides construction plan check services for fire and life safety issues, and is responsible for inspections of all existing and new commercial and residential construction in the City.  Fire Department personnel conduct annual fire/life safety inspections of all businesses to insure compliance with the City's fire code and City municipal ordinances.  Fire Department personnel also inspect single family residences as requested by the homeowner.

The Manhattan Beach Studios consists of fourteen operating film sound stages, a mill, and office space. The studios have a constant impact on the Prevention division due to tenant turnover and the unique character of the film business. 

Prevention also manages the Hazardous Materials program through a joint agreement with the L.A. County Fire Department, and oversees the cleanup of spills, leaks, and illegal dumping. The Division also provides Haz-Mat response training to our Suppression personnel.  

Arson investigation is managed through the Administrative Division.  Investigators determine the cause of all fires in the City and work closely with the Police Department in the prosecution of arson cases.

In FY 2018-2019, Fire Prevention will continue the integration of our computer-based inspection records with the records of the Business License Division of the Finance Department.  This coordination will allow these departments to access current and complete information on all business occupancies.

Fire prevention can be reached at (310) 802-5206.