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Certificate of Occupancy

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Certificate of Occupancy SprinklerCertificate of Occupancy beams & sprinkler system

The following document is the check sheet utilized by Manhattan Beach Fire Department while completing TCO/ Final Certificate of Occupancy inspections.


Circled items require correction before clearance will be given.


  • Address visible from the street.
  • Red curbs in front of FDC and/or hydrant(s).
  • Fire Lanes clearly marked / posted.  Proper emergency vehicle access.
  • Exterior alarm (horn/strobe) device visible from the street (minimum of 8' above grade).
  • Knox boxes in place with all required keys (access, fire alarm, etc) and information sheet
  • All keys are marked / tagged.
  • FDC caps in place and intact with no obstructions. Caps turn freely. Proper signage in place.


Fire Alarm System

  • Remote annunciation panel visible and accessible.
  • A floor plan (drawing/schematic) provided adjacent to the remote panel and is clearly marked.
  • Fire alarm detection, initiating, and signaling devices visible and intact (operational).
    • Tampers
    • Smokes
    • Heat
    • Duct
    • Water Flow
    • Mag Doors  
    • Pulls
  • All required documentation properly completed and on-site with Approved as-built drawings.
  • Circuit breakers for Fire Alarm system are clearly identified and locked OPEN.

Exiting / Exit Signs / Illumination

  • Exit signs are visible and illuminated.   All signs are in working condition.
  • Emergency exit lighting units are operable and aimed properly.
  • Exiting system is clear and accessible. Clear and continuous path to the public way.
  • Stairwell doors / floor landings are properly identified.
  • Emergency Escape Plan is posted where required
  • Panic hardware installed and tested (where required)

Fire Extinguishers

  • Fire extinguishers are within proper travel distance and mounted / located so as to be visible and accessible at all times.  Extinguishers must have current CSFM tag
  • Kitchen fire extinguisher in place

Fire Extinguishing Systems

  • Fire sprinkler control valves and other system control valves clearly identified, secured in the OPEN position and accessible.  Area control drawings are visible and mounted properly.
  • Kitchen Hood extinguishing system tested / serviced / accepted.
  • Standpipe connections are clear and unobstructed.  Caps turn freely.
  • Fire sprinkler / standpipe system components are properly secured.
  • Current T-19 5-year Certificate for the sprinkler system is properly posted. 
  • There are no obstructions to the fire protection system.  Storage at least 24" below fire sprinklers.


  • Current State certificate
  • Phone and recall function properly
  • FD control keys in Knox Box


  • All self-closing doors close properly and are tight fitting, with smoke gaskets in place.
  • Proper clearance in front of electrical panels (minimum of 3').
  • Proper identification on all doors required to be marked (Electrical room, Sprinkler control room, etc.)
  • All penetrations in rated walls are properly sealed.
  • Spare sprinkler heads, pull station reset equipment, and needed access keys available
  • Occupancy load displayed
  • All Fire Department Conditions of Approval satisfied. Note any items deferred.
  • Emergency contact list is current.
  • Contact and other pertinent information entered in premise history at RCC.