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Passing Yearly Fire Inspections

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Passing Yearly Fire Inspection Checking Fire Extinguisher


These are general guidelines only. More specific requirements will be pointed out during the yearly Fire-Life Safety Inspection, or you may call the Fire Prevention Bureau, Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (310) 802-5206

  1. Provide a minimum of one portable fire extinguisher, size 2A10BC for every 75 foot travel distance. These extinguishers must be serviced annually or after each use, and hung 3 to 5 feet from the floor in a readily accessible area.

  2. Do not use extension cords, multiple plug adapters or ant device which allows more than one appliance to be plugged into each electrical outlet. The only exception would be an approved power strip, which includes a UL listing, fuse and or breaker- type adapter.

  3. Do not lock, block or obstruct any exit and provide a sign over it stating (This door is to remain open during business hours).

  4. Provide approved flammable liquid lockers for combustible or flammable liquids in excess of 10 gallons.

  5. All storage shall be kept 36 inches below ceiling or 18 inches below sprinklers if building is sprinkled. Maximum storage height is 15 feet without in-rack sprinklers.

  6. A 30-inch minimum clearance shall be maintained around all power panels.

  7. Keep water heaters and space heaters free of all combustibles.

  8. Any awning or canopy must pass a flame test per the standards set forth in the Uniform Fire Code.

  9. All commercial cooking surfaces, where grease-laden vapors are produced, shall be protected by an approved fixed extinguishing system, and said system shall be serviced semi-annually or after each use. A 40BC portable fire extinguisher shall be mounted near cooking areas.