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Broadband Survey

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The City of Manhattan Beach conducted a Broadband Study to understand current availability and future needs within our community. Since the early 2000s, the evolution of fiber optic infrastructure and wireless communication technologies has created an environment of high speed, and reliable communications. Next generation technologies are constantly on the horizon, and the City of Manhattan Beach is exploring what will be the next steps for evolving the City’s fiber infrastructure. Creating a network infrastructure that serves the community’s best interests while maintaining the small-town beach environment will be an important component of modernizing the City’s broadband infrastructure while maintaining the integrity of our local beach community culture.

The City partnered with Magellan Advisors to perform the Broadband Study. Several focus groups for businesses and residents and an online survey took place in October and November. Businesses and residents feedback are valuable components in shaping the City’s vision and goals for future broadband within our City. Results of the survey are currently being reviewed; the information will be posted to the website and presented to City Council in March.

Feel free to contact IT Director Sanford Taylor for any questions.