Art in Public Places

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Traditionally, "public art" invokes the images of historic bronze statues of a soldier on horseback, or a large decorative fountain in a park or plaza setting. Today, public art can take a wide range of forms, sizes, and scales - and can be temporary or permanent. Whatever the form, public art instills meaning - a greater sense of identity and understanding of where we live, work, and visit - creating memorable experiences for all residents and visitors to Manhattan Beach.

Artists who are being considered for the development of an art work to be placed in the City are selected by a peer panel of artists, arts professionals and community members. From this process, one or more may be recommended by the Cultural Arts Commission to the City Council for their approval. These projects are then placed in a variety of public sites throughout the City.

Art in Public Places projects are supported by the Public Art Trust Fund established through a dedicated 1% development fee and does not impact the general fund.

Explore the public art located throughout the City using the Public Art Story Map. The Public Art Story Map shows the exact location of each artwork along with a short description about each piece.


9/11 Memorial Project

Memorial in remembrance of September 11, 2011 using two steel beams that the City's Fire Department received from the World Trade Center site.

Light Gate

Centennial Art Project is to create an exceptional visual experience for locals and visitors, while celebrating the City’s past and inspire future generations.

Fountain at Manhattan Beach Art Center

Public art commissioned throughout the City using the Public Art Trust Fund which is funded by a 1% development fee when a building permit is issued.

Dragon Tales

Temporary biennial exhibition of sculptures throughout the City.

Strand Alcove Bench

Donor program for artistic benches to be placed along Strand alcoves.

Banksy Mouse

Request for artist submissions to be considered for future mural projects.

Utility Box Beautification Program Request for Submissions

Request for artist submissions to be considered for the Utility Box Beautification Project.

City Hall Lobby

Request for artist submissions to be considered for the City Hall Lobby Public Art Project.