Percent for the Arts

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Percent for the Arts
Chapter 10.90 Development Fees

The Percent for the Arts Ordinance became effective December 18, 2002. It will set aside a 1% development fee on residential developments of four or more units, and every commercial and industrial building project with building valuation exceeding $500,000. This fee or allocation shall also be imposed upon any remodeling project of existing commercial or industrial buildings and any residential building or complex of four or more units whether exterior or interior, when the remodeling has a building valuation exceeding $250,000.

The applicant shall pay the 1% fee directly to the Public Arts Trust Fund at the time the building permit is issued.

Public artworks that have been installed in the City to date include:

Sculpture Garden
Locations: Veterans Parkway, Civic Center, Metlox Plaza, and at the Manhattan Beach Art Center
Artists: Various
Visit the Sculpture Garden webpage



"The Martin Ganz Memorial"
Located in Live Oak Park
Artist: William Mikus; installed: 1994

Martin Ganz Memorial



"The Escobar Sculpture Bench"
Located near 17th Street and the Strand
Artist: David Hertz; installed: 1993

Escobar Sculpture Bench



"The DuBose Sculpture Bench"
Located near 16th Street and the Strand
Artist: David Hertz; installed: 1996

DuBose Sculpture Bench
DuBose Sculpture Bench



"Salem Sculpture Bench"
Located near 10th Street and the Strand
Artist: unknown; installed: 1998

Salem Sculpture Bench



"Beyond This Point Lies the Rest of the World"
Located in the pier parking lots
Artist: Robert Salas; installed: 1993

Beyond This Point Lies the Rest of the World



"The Wave of the Future"
Located in the Veterans Parkway at 18th Street
Artist: Simon Ouwerkerk; installed: 2000

The Wave of the Future The Wave of the Future


"The Veterans Monument"
Located in the Veterans Parkway at 15th Street
Artist: Ismael Medrano; installed: 1999

Veterans MonumentThe Veteran's Memorial consists of two black granite triangles representing the shape of a folded American flag which is given to the families of veterans who have died. There are 50 stars on the Memorial (25 on each triangle) representing the 50 United States. The stars on the vertical triangle point upward, honoring veterans still living. The stars on the horizontal triangle face left in tribute to those who have fallen. At the monument's base is a bronze plaque containing the words below and a single gold star, symbolic of the star awarded to families of veterans killed in action. Behind the monument is a 25-foot flag pole which flies an American flag donated by the Knights of Columbus. Two service I.D. tags are placed at the base of the flag pole representing the traditional method of identifying all those who serve in the military. The two concrete benches angled toward the monument offer a place for rest, reflection and conversation. The plaque inscription reads: A Freedom Grove: Manhattan Beach honors all of the men and women who have served our country in the armed forces in times of war and peace to protect and preserve our freedom. November 11, 1998.


"How Soon Hath Time..."
Located on Joslyn Community Center
Artist: Gary Sweeney; installed 1992

How Soon Hath Time...



"Permanent Wave and Cultural Wave"
Located at the pier and comfort station
Artist: Paul Tzanetopolous; installed: 1997

Permanent Wave and Cultural Wave

 Permanent Wave and Cultural Wave

"Abstract Water Works"
Located at the Creative Arts Center
Artist Paul Betouliere, installed December 2002


Abstract Water Works