Marine Sports Complex

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Marine Avenue Park Basketball Court

Marine Sport Complex
Located at 1801 Marine Avenue
Developed in 2001

This is the newest park in the City and opened in 2001. It was purchased from TRW by the City and then sold to the Beach Cities Health District with a lease-back agreement to the City. The City has developed several athletic fields which are suitable for youth and adults.

Marine Sports Complex is a large scale baseball and softball facility consisting of three fields, Marine Complex West, Marine Complex Center and Marine Complex East. All three fields are approximately 200 feet all around and are lighted. Batting cages are available on Complex West and Complex East.

This facility is not available for public reservations.


Marine Complex West Field
Marine Sports Complex West Field



Marine Complex Center Field
Marine Sports Complex Center Field


Marine Complex East Field
Marine Sports Complex East Field


For more information regarding Marine Sports Complex, please contact Facility Reservations at (310) 802-5410.