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Park Rules

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Park Policies and Procedures Outdoor and Indoor Facilities

Applications for use of City of Manhattan Beach parks may be picked up at City Hall, 1400 Highland Avenue, Monday through Thursday, from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM; alternating Fridays from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM; Closed alternating Fridays. For reservation information call (310) 802-5410 or email. Reservations are not taken over the telephone.

All groups interested in utilizing a park area must submit a completed reservation application to the Parks and Recreation Department for approval at least 10 business days prior to the event date. Reservation applications are accepted for indoor and outdoor facilities a maximum of six (6) months in advance for residents, and two (2) months in advance for nonresidents.

Any group of fifty (50) or more using a City Park must obtain a reservation permit and must reserve an area for such use. A limit of 100 people per day is allowed for organized group use of City parks with the exception of Sand Dune, Heights and Polliwog Parks. Polliwog Park group limit is 500 people. In Sand Dune Park, groups of fifteen (15) or more shall be prohibited from using the park without first obtaining a reservation permit. Group dune use is not permitted. Permitted group use of the non-dune area is allowed seven days per week from 8:00 AM to dusk. Groups of more than forty (40) are prohibited from all park areas (MBMC 12.48.040).

Any person who is placed on notice of the park rules, whether by signage or by warning from a park monitor or other city official, who fails to abide by any such rule, may be expelled from the park and by order of the Director of Parks and Recreation may be prohibited from using all City parks and recreation facilities for up to fourteen (14) days. Any person refusing to abide by an order of prohibition issued by the Director of Parks and Recreation shall be guilty of a misdemeanor (MBMC 12.48.54). Enforceable rules of the park are listed below; violation of this chapter shall be punishable as a misdemeanor without the express permission of the Director of Parks and Recreation (MBMC 12.48.100).

Outdoor Facilities 

  1. No consumption of alcoholic beverages (MBMC 12.48.050).
  2. No vehicles (MBMC 12.48.050). 
  3. No golfing, chipping or putting (MBMC 12.48.050). 
  4. No use of any unusual equipment such as dunk tanks, carnival rides or moon bounces.
  5. No roping/blocking off areas or walkways. A maximum of ten (10) lawn/beach chairs and one (1) six (6) foot table for each picnic area. For catering services, a maximum of four (4) six (6) foot tables may be used but a permit issued by the Director of Parks and Recreation is required. Lawn/beach chairs are allowed in the amphitheater during Concerts in the Park (MBMC 12.48.050).
  6. No dogs, ponies or any other animals in any park, with the exception of leashed dogs which are permitted on Veterans Parkway, leashed dogs passing through Bruce’s Beach, Live Oak Park, Polliwog Park and Sand Dune Park, on paved walkways or otherwise designated areas (MBMC 12.48.050).
  7. No cycles, skates, skateboards, rollerblades, scooters or like equipment (MBMC 12.48.050).
  8. No amplified sound (MBMC 12.48.050).
  9. No hanging any items from or posting any item on trees, structures or other surfaces (MBMC 12.48.050).
  10. No playing any athletic games in areas other than adjacent athletic fields (MBMC 12.48.050).
  11. No use of any barbecue other than those provided by the City (MBMC 12.48.050).
  12. Causing damage to or placing graffiti on any building, fixture, landscaping, paving or other park property (MBMC 12.48.050).
  13. Physical training equipment such as exercise mats, free weights, exercise aids and similar equipment is prohibited anywhere in all public parks and athletic fields without a permit issued by the Director of Parks and Recreation (MBMC 12.48.050).
  14. Each person using a park shall clean that area and deposit all trash generated in the nearest container. Rental of additional dumpsters may be required depending on the size of the group (MBMC 12.48.050).
  15. Any group of fifty (50) or more using a City Park must obtain a reservation permit and must reserve an area for such use. Groups 99 and under will require a $50 refundable cleaning deposit. Groups 100 and over will require a $300 refundable cleaning deposit. The deposit, or portion thereof, will be forfeited to the City for failure to leave the park clean or for damage caused by your event (MBMC 12.48.040)
  16. Groups over 100 must submit a General Liability Policy in the amount of $1,000,000, with the City of Manhattan Beach named as additionally insured; a “City of Manhattan Beach Endorsement Form” must be signed by the Insurance Company and a “Hold Harmless Agreement” must be completed by an authorized representative of your group. The “Contract Endorsement Form” and “Hold Harmless Agreement” can be picked up at the Parks and Recreation Department and returned as soon as possible (MBMC 12.48.040 and 12.48.080).
  17. All vending, catering, solicitation for business, commercial party entertainment and commercial activities without a permit are prohibited in parks. All vendors, caterers and commercial users associated with permitted organized groups must have a valid business license from the City and/or Health Permit (MBMC 12.48.070).
  18. The use of polystyrene plastic #6 food service ware container is prohibited at City facilities (MBMC 5.80.030).

Indoor Facilities

  1. No consumption of alcoholic beverages (MBMC 12.48.050).
  2. Smoking is prohibited at all City parks and facilities (MBMC12.48.056).
  3. No materials shall be attached to curtains, walls, ceilings or doors without prior approval. Groups using the facilities for dancing shall not use any wax or other preparation on the floors.
  4. Groups requesting use of the kitchen for a catered meal must secure their own caterer. (Manhattan Beach Business License required). It shall be the applicant's responsibility to leave the kitchen entirely clean. Users of the kitchen must provide all utensils, linens, etc.
  5. Applicant shall be responsible for any damages to kitchen and dining equipment caused by caterers or other persons.
  6. The use of polystyrene plastic #6 food service ware container is prohibited at City facilities (MBMC 5.80.030).

General Rules and Regulations

  1. Persons in attendance shall restrict their activities to those facilities, or portions thereof, to which their application entitles them.
  2. Upon conclusion of the activity, groups must leave the facilities in a reasonably clean condition. Applicant shall be responsible for any damage.
  3. When using lights on athletic fields and leaving early, please notify staff as a courtesy to nearby residents. For fields west of Sepulveda contact (310) 877-0504. For fields east of Sepulveda contact (310) 877-0512 or (310) 877-0515.
  4. The applicant shall be responsible for the cost of repairs/replacement of damaged property, in addition to the security deposit and cleaning deposit, should damage exceed the amount of these deposits.
  5. For any event that will be advertised to the public, a copy of the advertisement is required with the following disclaimer printed on the flyer or electronic communication: This event is a private reservation and is not endorsed or sponsored by the City of Manhattan Beach. A copy of flyer and/or electronic communication must be submitted to Facility Reservations for approval.
  6. All decorations to be used must be fireproof and receive Parks and Recreation Department approval prior to installation.
  7. Profane language, quarreling or fighting, betting and/or other forms of gambling shall not be allowed.
  8. The City of Manhattan Beach Parks and Recreation Department reserves the right to request police/security at any event at the expense of the user.
  9. For teen activities (dances, parties, and similar activities), at least two adult supervisors must be present for each group of 20 teens, and one adult for every additional 10 teens. Additionally, where more than 50 persons are expected to attend, Police Officers will be required in a ration of one (1) for each 50 persons or fraction thereof.
  10. Supplies or equipment such as tables, chairs, cooking utensils, picnic tables, grandstands, park benches, etc., shall not be removed from the facility to which they are assigned.
  11. No money shall be paid to any Parks and Recreation Department employee in the form of a tip or gratuity.
  12. All park policies, procedures and City municipal codes/ordinances must be adhered to. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of security deposit and may result in the inability of the group to use City facilities in the future.
  13. Applicant/organization must have a copy of the City reservation permit on-site while utilizing the facility. Failure to do so may result in the inability to use City facilities in the future.
  14. All caterers/contract and commercial vendor services must possess a valid Manhattan Beach Business License and Health Permit. Applicant must present copies to city hall 10 working days prior to the event.
  15. The City reserves the right to cancel or reject current and future reservations due to the misrepresentation, misuse of facilities, flagrant violation of policies and regulations, or mistreatment of staff.

Verification of Nondiscrimination
As a recipient of Federal Land and Water Conservation Funds used for the development of park facilities, the City of Manhattan Beach must ensure that parks are open to all persons without discrimination as to race, color or national origin. In granting permission to hold the activity requested in this application, the City is assured by the applicant that no person will, on the grounds of race, color or national origin, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination in this activity, or does the group or organization represented by the applicant practice such discrimination.

Covenant to Indemnify the City
By my/our acceptance of this permit, I/we covenant and agree to relieve and discharge the City of Manhattan Beach and the officers and employees of said City, from any and all liability for loss and/or injury and/or damages to any person and/or property that may be sustained by reason of the occupancy and use of the facilities, by or through the negligence and/or acts of myself/ourselves, my/our agents and employees, or any person(s) participating in or attending the performance, attraction, meeting, event or affair in connection with or during said use and occupancy.