Innovation Hour

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REC Innovation Hour - Flower Arrangements 

The Innovation “Hour” Program is a 60 minute workshop created to offer more enriching projects, in comparison to the regularly scheduled recreation arts and crafts projects.

The City of Manhattan Beach is committed to exploring any and all programs which can consistently enhance the quality of life and expand each child’s arts learning opportunities. Projects include drawing, painting, paper mache, ceramics and more.

The Innovation “Hour” Program will take place once a week, at each Afterschool REC Program site. This activity will need an additional registration.

Monthly Fee: $35 per child
Time: 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM

 Live Oak Park
Manhattan Heights Park
Activity Number: 33874
Innovation Hour Day: Thursdays
Activity Number: 33875
Innovation Hour Day: Tuesdays

Upcoming Projects

Ceramic Trinket BoxJanuary 2020