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What is the Pumpkin Race

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Pumpkin Race

What is the World Famous Pumpkin Race?
A fun-spirited festival like no other! The highlight of the Pumpkin Race is a unique side-by-side single elimination race featuring handcrafted, decorated Pumpkin Racers in a funky, hilarious, suspenseful, and dramatic display of American ingenuity. Excitement builds as Pumpkin Racers battle head-to-head for the coveted Pumpkin Race Championship Trophy. We also award other prizes for Best Decoration, Most Innovative Design, and Best Crash.


Manhattan Beach Fire Department's 2015 Pumpkin Race entryWhat are Pumpkin Racers?
Pumpkin Racers are made to conform (more or less) to the Official World Famous Pumpkin Race Rules. The Official Rules state in part that a Pumpkin Racers must be made from a pumpkin with two independent axels and wheels attached. Pumpkin Racers come in all different shapes, sizes and speeds. Some are elaborately decorated and ready to race. Others appear as if they can't make it down the race track at all. You never know what's going to happen or who the winner will be. There are always a few mighty Pumpkin Racer underdogs who somehow manage to come up with a victory over a seemingly superior opponent. Despite their different appearances, all Pumpkin Racers (except Cheaters!) are given an equal opportunity to participate and advance toward victory.

Chearter Pumpkin SmashingDoes anyone ever cheat?
In a word - Yes. However, our vigilant Race Officials make sure everyone plays by the rules - fair and square. If a Race Official determines that a Pumpkin Racer is in violation the Official World Famous Pumpkin Race Rules it is immediately declared a Cheater Pumpkin! The penalty for racing a Cheater Pumpkin is instant destruction by the Mallet-O-Justice (a large wooden mallet) administered by the Head Race Official. It is important to note that several race entrants routinely enter "Cheater Pumpkins" with full knowledge that their Pumpkin Racer will be smashed to bits for all to see and cheer. To the best of our knowledge the Head Race Official has never smashed a person's Pumpkin Racer without their permission!

Race Genius BoothWhat is the Race Genius Booth?
The Race Genius Booth was established to help first-time attendees of all ages and abilities to quickly and easily experience the thrill of building a Pumpkin Racer and participating in the race. Most first-time attendees did not bring a finished Pumpkin Racer to the event and that's where the pumpkin geniuses come in. The Race Genius Booth contains all of the necessary tools, accessories, expert assistance (and encouragement!) to build a Pumpkin Racer. Stock items include wheels, axels, tools and assorted decoration options. The Race Genius Booth started out as a small table with a few pumpkins and wheels. It is now an epicenter of activity with parents helping children, friends helping friends and a host of amazed onlookers. It is now an annual tradition for participants to showcase their Pumpkin Racers in a dazzling line-up on Pumpkin Pit Row right next to the Race Genius Booth.