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Reasons for Rejection

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The following list identifies some of the more common potential reasons for rejection.  Please read the list carefully.  Note that this is not intended to be an inclusive list.  It is designed to assist you in understanding and assessing the requirements for the position.  You may call the City Human Resources Department at (310) 802-5258 or the Police Department Human Resources and Training Section at (310) 802-5111 if you have any questions.

Some reasons for rejection include:

  • Conviction of any felony
  • Conviction of any sex crime
  • Conviction of larceny (Section 484 PC)
  • Conviction of involvement in any other crime, whether adult or juvenile, the nature and seriousness of which would relate to the sensitivity and exposure characterized by this job classification.
  • Use of marijuana, narcotics, or other habit-forming drugs (other than prescribed) within the last year will disqualify.  Any prior use or abuse of previous listed substances may disqualify.  Failure to reveal prior use will disqualify.
  • Failure to possess a valid operator’s license issued by the State of California; willful disregard of traffic rules and regulations; any grounds for which an operator’s license might be refused.
  • A bad employment record, discourteous, disloyal, indecisive, undependable, uncooperative, lacking in capacity to work, insubordinate, disobedient, lacking in force, initiative, and judgment, lacking proper work habits and industry, emotionally unstable, unable to accept responsibility, unable to get along well with others, intemperance.
  • Does not have well balanced credit.
  • Poor community and neighborhood reputation.
  • Falsification of any required application or report.
  • Failure to have a high school diploma, GED Certificate or successful completion of California High School Proficiency Test
  • Personality disorders
  • Does not meet physical standards
  • Failure to pass controlled substances screening

The City of Manhattan Beach does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, veteran status, political affiliation, sex, age, or disability status. Note: A drug test will be administered as part of the pre-employment medical exam.