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The MBPD Jail is a short-term, Type 1 facility mainly used for housing arrestees awaiting their arraignment date in court, after which, arrestees are either transferred to County jail or released on bail, bond, or citation.

JailDuring the construction of the new Public Safety facility, the Police Department’s jail services were transferred to the Hawthorne Police Department Jail (September 2003 – September 2006). During this time, our jailers went to work at the Hawthorne Jail where they processed both Manhattan Beach and Hawthorne arrestees. Jail services were transitioned back to Manhattan Beach in Summer 2006, and were fully operational on September 16, 2006. The jail meets contemporary standards and includes 8 main cells, which can house a total of 14 inmates, and 2 short-term sobering cells, which can hold a total of 10 inmates. The jail also includes separate booking and detention area for Juvenile arrestees. The new facility is outfitted with a closed-circuit video monitoring system that can be viewed from the jailer work station, the front desk, and the watch commander’s office.

Jailers are on duty 24/7 and are assigned duties to provide for the booking, housing, and welfare of inmates. 

Each year, various agencies, such as the Custody Standards Administration, the Los Angles County Grand Jury, and the County Board of Health conduct jail inspections in line with Title 15 jail standards. Our jail management goal is to provide for the best care and custody of inmates in our jail facility and provide our staff with the necessary training and resources to safely carry out those duties.

Because MBPD Jail is a short-term, Type 1 facility, it is mainly used for housing arrestees awaiting their arraignment date in court.  Then, arrestees are either transferred to Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department jail, or released on bail, bond, or citation.  To get information about an arrestee who has been transferred to County Jail, go to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department website