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Graffiti Prevention

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FAQsThe Manhattan Beach Police Department asks residents
to help in our fight against graffiti!

The City of Manhattan Beach is committed to ridding our City of graffiti, but we need YOUR help to do it!  The Manhattan Beach Police Department always welcomes your involvement in our community and needs your help in fighting this sort of crime that only takes seconds to complete.

You can help us stay on top of graffiti vandalism by reporting suspicious activity and graffiti or vandalism in progress to the Police Department.

Graffiti - Let's Stay on top of it!If you see people hanging around in your neighborhood with no apparent business, please let the Police Department know so we can investigate the situation. Many times these vandals are younger and from out of the area and wish to "leave their mark behind."

People are often reluctant to call the Police Department because they fear officers will find nothing and think them foolish for having called.  This is certainly not the case. 
We want residents to call.  On many occasions, a tip about suspicious activity has led to the arrest of a vandal.

Help to keep our community crime and graffiti free - report ALL suspicious activity to the Police Department.  You can be a part of the solution by being the eyes and ears of the community. 

To report graffiti or vandalism in-progress (you are witnessing the incident), or to report suspicious activity call 9-1-1 from your home or business, or (310) 545-4566 from a cell phone. 

To report graffiti or vandalism which has already occurred, call the Public Works Department at (310) 802-5303 or fill out the online Graffiti and Vandalism Form.



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