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Pedestrian & Driver Safety Tips

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Here are some tips to help make Manhattan Beach a safer place for drivers and pedestrians. 


  • It is a driver's responsibility to be ALERT at all times especially in areas that are frequented by pedestrians.
  • When approaching crosswalks - observe the speed limit and be mindful of pedestrians.



  • Pedestrians must yield to on-coming cars

  • The applicable vehicle code states that "No pedestrian shall suddenly leave a curb or other place of safety and walk, or run, into the path of a vehicle which could cause an immediate hazard for the pedestrians or the vehicle and its driver." There is never a guarantee that cars will stop

  • 39% of Non Fatal Injuries and 18% of Fatal Injuries occur when Pedestrians fail to adhere to the DO NOT WALK or RED light signals

  • Driver Failing to Yield to Pedestrian
  • Pedestrian Failing to Yield to Driver
  • BE EXTRA CAREFUL when crossing a street where a driver’s view is obstructed by a parked vehicle. Drivers will need extra time to slow down when you step out from behind a parked vehicle.