Request for Bids

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The procedures for the purchase of supplies, services, and equipment are set forth in the Manhattan Beach Municipal Code, Chapter 2.36. The goal of purchasing is to secure all items and services at the best value obtainable for the expenditure of each tax dollar, while giving all qualified vendors an equal opportunity to do business with the City.

All responses are due on or prior to the time shown on each solicitation. Late responses cannot be accepted. It is the bidder's/proposer's responsibility to ensure that the most complete and current version of the solicitation, including addenda, has been downloaded or otherwise obtained.

If you are interested in obtaining a hardcopy of any Invitation to Bid (BID) package, listed in the table below, please contact the staff member listed or the Engineering Division of the Public Works Department located in City Hall, 1400 Highland Avenue, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 or call (310) 802-5350.

To view or download a copy of any Request for Proposal (RFP) package listed in the table provided below, just click on the Title of the package or contact the Public Works Department at (310) 802-5350 for assistance.
RFP NumberTitleStartingClosingStatus
1235-20Design Services for Polliwog Park PlaygroundNEW!01/24/2020 4:44 PM02/19/2020 3:00 PMOpen
1233-20Inspection Services for the Block 35 Elevated Tank Painting Project 01/09/2020 11:17 AM02/05/2020 3:00 PMOpen
1232-20 Addendum #1Construction Management and Inspection Services for Underground Utility Assessment District No. 19-401/06/2020 4:21 PM01/30/2020 3:00 PMOpen
1234-20 Addendum #2Professional Design Services for the Feasibility Study for the Manhattan Beach Subsurface Infiltration Trench Project01/06/2020 2:00 PM01/21/2020 3:00 PMClosed
1226-20 Addendum #4Roof Replacement at Live Oak Park and Marine Avenue Park12/10/2019 9:00 AM01/14/2020 11:00 AMClosed
1230-20 Addendum #1Design Services for Manhattan Beach Blvd. & Peck Ave. Intersection Project12/03/2019 2:40 PM01/14/2020 3:00 PMClosed
1227-20 Addendum #2Block 35 Elevated Tank Painting Project11/27/2019 6:00 PM01/06/2020 11:00 AMClosed