Parking Facilities and Lots

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The Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining the City’s eight public parking lots, which contain 899 spaces and the 417 on-street parking meters.

Parking lot In addition to the eight City public parking lots and on-street parking meters, the City operates and maintains two County-owned parking lots: the El Porto parking lot with 238 spaces and the 27th Street parking lot with 68 spaces. 

The City is also responsible for operating and maintaining the upper and lower pier parking lots. These lots are owned by the State, but operated by the City under an agreement with the State of California. According to the agreement, all revenue generated through parking fees or overnight parking permits in the upper and lower pier lots is held separately and may only be used for the operation and maintenance of the pier, the upper and lower lots and the comfort station.

If you have a problem with a parking meter or you would like to report graffiti or damage to a City parking lot please Submit a Service Request Form or call (310) 802-5300.