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Street Trees

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Under the Manhattan Beach Municipal Code (Section 7.32.050) property owners are responsible for maintaining and cultivating all street trees that abut, in front of, or are adjacent to the property. This includes watering and pruning when necessary. The maintenance of all the trees in the traffic medians, parks and public facilities.  More information on the City's Tree Ordinance is available from the Community Development Department.

Tree Removal

In order to remove any tree located within the public right-of-way, residential or commercial, must first obtain a General Public Right-of-Way Permit, available from the Community Development Department. The cost of the tree removal is the responsibility of the requesting party, or as provided for in the Manhattan Beach Municipal Code (Section 7.32.070). Only when a tree presents an immediate safety hazard or is deemed a public nuisance, can the City step in to remove the tree.

Tree Planting

In order to prevent  tree disease and to promote a healthy urban forest, the City has an approved street tree list for different zones within the City. These are the only trees approved to be planted within the public right of way.

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You may reach the City's Urban Forester by email, or dial (310) 802-5305.