Storm Drain System

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Storm Drain System

The Storm Drain System is designed to channel water generated as a result of storm flows from streets and properties to its ultimate drainage destination - the Pacific Ocean. The Storm Drain System includes streets, curbs and gutters, drainage swales, settling basins, pump stations, pipelines, CDS (Continuous Deflection Separators) and catch basins. Nuisance run-off water from over-watering and certain allowed cleaning operations also flow through the Storm Drain System. The City maintains all of the drainage facilities to prevent flooding.

AND COULD END UP HERE!!!stormwater waste on the beach

City-owned catch basins, sumps and CDS units are cleaned by City crews up to four times per year and on a request basis. Even with this cleaning, debris can build-up in the catch basins. Main line storm drains and catch basins that are not City owned are the responsibility of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works. 


Storm DrainIf you would like to report a clogged catch basin or any type of Storm Drain issue please contact the Utilities Division at (310) 802-5304 or fill out a Request for Service.