To protect the health and safety of the public during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, City Hall and other facilities are closed to the public until further notice. The City continues to provide services during this time and recommends using technological alternatives where possible. For more information related to City services during this emergency, please visit the Coronavirus (COVID-19) page or call the City at (310) 802-5000.


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Water MaintenanceWater Maintenance is responsible for maintaining and repairing the City’s water system. In addition to providing water meter reading services for 13,500 water meters, this program includes the following: installing and repairing water meters, repairing water main breaks, cycling water system valves, repairing faulty valves, and installing fire hydrants.

In the water maintenance function, emphasis has been placed on locating and exercising the more than 1,800 valves that are part of the water distribution system. Valves are used to open or close a portion of the system so that maintenance and repairs can be made and that only a small service area will be affected by the water shut-off. When valves are not working properly, much larger areas of the City must be shut down to conduct water system repairs.

If you have further questions regarding Manhattan Beach's Water Maintenance Program, please contact the Utilities Division at (310) 802-5304.