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Cannabis and Marijuana Regulations

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City of Manhattan Beach

Cannabis and Marijuana Regulations

On November 7, 2017, the City Council approved amendments to the Manhattan Beach Municipal Code regarding cannabis and marijuana regulations in Manhattan Beach. Please note that some of these regulations are currently being incorporated into the Manhattan Beach Municipal Code and can be viewed on the home page under "Adopted Ordinances Not Yet Codified."

  • Medical and recreational use cannabis businesses, collectives, cooperatives and other commercial cannabis activities are not allowed within the city limits of Manhattan Beach. 

Manhattan Beach Municipal Code (MBMC) Sections 4.136.020 and 10.82.020 prohibit the operation of all types of cannabis business, including medical, non-medical, commercial cannabis activity (whether or not for profit) anywhere in the City.

  • Cultivating or growing cannabis is not allowed anywhere in Manhattan Beach, except inside a private residence or accessory structure to that private residence, where up to six cannabis plants may be cultivated.

It is illegal to cultivate cannabis outdoors in the City. However, consistent with state law, residents may cultivate up to six cannabis plants within a private residence or inside an accessory structure located upon the grounds of a private residence that is fully enclosed and secured. A “private residence” includes a house, an apartment unit, a condominium unit, a mobile home, or other similar dwelling, that is lawfully used as a residence. Only six (6) living plants may be cultivated at one time, regardless of the number of residents in a single private residence. Qualified patients and primary caregivers are subject to these same rules. See MBMC §10.82.030.  

  •  Cannabis cannot be smoked anywhere in Manhattan Beach, except in single family residences and duplexes.

The smoking of marijuana/cannabis is prohibited everywhere in the City, except inside single family residences or duplexes. MBMC § 4.136.020; 4.117.030; 4.116.030; 12.48.056; 12.08.320.

  • Cannabis deliveries are not permitted anywhere in Manhattan Beach. 

Manhattan Beach Municipal Code Section 10.82.020(C) provides that “all deliveries of cannabis or cannabis products to or from any location in the city are expressly prohibited. No person shall conduct or perform any delivery of any cannabis or cannabis products, which delivery either originates or terminates within the city.”