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Measure A Voter Information 

Measure A is on the Ballot2On December 4, 2018, the Manhattan Beach City Council unanimously placed Measure A on the March 5, 2019 ballot.  If enacted by voters, Measure A ensures visitors to our City continue to pay their share, while re-investing in our City’s public safety and long-term fiscal stability. 

Manhattan Beach currently has one of the lowest hotel bed tax rates among neighboring cities like El Segundo, Hermosa Beach and Los Angeles – all of whom have rates higher than our current rate.  Adjusting our City’s hotel rate by a maximum of 4%, would simply bring Manhattan Beach in line with neighboring cities.

If enacted, Measure A generates funding for s community priorities such as:

  • providing quick responses to 911 emergencies;
  • providing police services including neighborhood police patrols, crime prevention and investigations;
  • maintaining streets and repairing potholes;
  • keeping public areas clean and free of graffiti; and
  • providing fire protection and emergency medical services.

Measure A only applies to hotel and lodging guests and is NOT a tax on homes or residents.

Measure A includes responsible accountability provisions by requiring annual financial audits and public review of expenditures. By law, NO funds can be taken by Sacramento. These safeguards will ensure funds will be used efficiently and effectively.

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