Manhattan Beach Facts

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Physical Facts
Location: 19 miles southwest of downtown Los Angeles on the southerly end of Santa Monica Bay;
County:  Los Angeles
Airport:  3 miles south of Los Angeles International Airport
City Area:  3.88 square miles
Beach:  2.1 miles of beachfront, 40 acres of recreational beach area in total
Pier:  Manhattan Beach has a scenic 928-foot-long pier at the end of Manhattan Beach Boulevard. Fishing is permitted all year
Parks:  There are 48 acres of major park land in Manhattan Beach, in addition to the 21 acre Manhattan Beach Parkway
Residential Area:  49.1%, or 1224 acres, of Manhattan Beach's city wide land area is residential
Paved Streets:  There are 120 miles of paved streets
Plumbing:  The City has 18 miles of storm drains and 110 miles of sewers
Elevation:  120 feet above sea level
Rainfall:  Average annual rainfall of 12.07 inches
Temperature:  Average temperature ranges from 70º F in summer to 55º F in winter

Polliwog ParkPopulation Facts:
Population:  35,924 (2017 US Census Bureau Estimate from 2010 base of 35,135)
Gender:  50.1% male and 49.9% female
Households:  The City has 15,793 households
Schools:  Includes 4,260 elementary students and 1,901 high school students (more)

 (See also Census Data)

Economic Facts:
Assessed Value:  Manhattan Beach's assessed valuation is $17.6 billion
Businesses:  The City of Manhattan Beach issues approximately 5,000 business licenses each year
Income:  According to the 2012-2016 census data, the median household income for the City is $144,868 Median Household Income (in 2016 dollars): $144,868 (U.S. Census Bureau, 2012-2016 data) 

City Government Facts:
Government:  Manhattan Beach is a General Law city, operating under the council-manager form of government
City Council:  The Manhattan Beach City Council is comprised of five (5) members, each serving a nine (9) month mayoral position during their four (4) year term
Employees:  The City has 306 full-time employees