Community Clean-Up Days

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The Parks & Recreation Department sponsors community volunteer clean-up days for different facilities throughout the year when needed. They are usually held on Saturdays from 8:00 AM- 12:00 PM.

Volunteers are recruited for these events to help refurbish and restore various sections of parks and other facilities. Volunteer duties include painting, cleaning, landscaping, gardening and other such activities. Participants are encouraged to put on their work clothes and bring shovels, rakes and gloves, although it is not required since some equipment is supplied by the City.

The community clean-up days are organized not only to help maintain and refurbish local parks, but to provide a way for community members to become involved in the City and gain a more personal sense of ownership in their local parks. Previous clean-up days held at the parks have attracted hundreds of generous residents, community service organizations and staff who enthusiastically help clean up and refurbish the facilities.

Interested individuals or organizations may volunteer for future clean-up days by calling the Parks & Recreation Department at (310) 802-5407.